When a number is just…a number

When I first started this journey at the end of January, I had no idea where it would lead me.  I started with a detox and then eventually to finally losing my baby weight.

It’s now been a little over three months and I figured it’s time for an update and who knows…maybe I’ll include a comparison picture? =)

I will admit that numbers-wise; I’m not seeing much of a difference.  The numbers on my scale fluctuate 1-2 pounds every time I step on it.  I am learning that the numbers are just numbers!  If I went by the number I saw on the scale every morning, I would feel really bad about myself. But I don’t!  Why?  Because I can actually feel and see a difference in my body!  My clothes are fitting differently and I feel different.  And the biggest bonus?  People are starting to notice!  So please hear me when I say that I understand the obsession with the number on the scale.  While I do think it’s important to keep track of it, I do not think we should spend so much time obsessing over it.  It has taken me a really long time to come to this conclusion.  It is a hard thought process to break.  But it’s better to be healthy than to be skinny.  Please remember that!!!!

A lot of people have asked me what I have been doing to lose weight/look healthier.
My answer usually shocks people because of its simplicity.

Here’s a list of what I have been doing:
~ eating healthier food including more vegetables and less starches (when looking for recipes, I try to find ones that have more fresh ingredients and less “cream of” and artificial)
~ exercising at least three times a week (more if I’m able to)
~ this includes taking the kids on a walk/jog in the jogging stroller for at least a mile
~ I am in the middle of a 30-day ab challenge as well (picture at bottom of post)
~ eating breakfast (seriously, it’s not called the most important meal of the day for nothing!)
~ drinking more water (you should be drinking at least half you body weight in ounces)

See?  Simple, right?  It is pretty much everything that “they” tell you to do anyway!  I am going to start using my videos again, but I haven’t joined a gym.  I do not have weights at our house right now.  We are not spending a ton of money (basically because we don’t have it!!!), but that is because that is not how it needs to be for me right now.  Am I saying that those other things are wrong or bad? Absolutely not!!!  If we had the money, I would be working my butt of every day in the gym with a personal trainer!  And if we were even more wealthy, I would totally have a personal chef =)  But I’m having to live within our means right now and (thankfully) it is paying off.

So, I write this as an encouragement to some of you.  Please know that there are easy ways to start changing your lifestyle and getting healthy.  Food is a major part of becoming healthier, but don’t forget the exercise!  It will just boost your metabolism even more

I have a beach trip coming up and am trying to find a swimsuit…ugh!  But hopefully, if I continue to work, I will feel a little more bikini ready by then.  More pictures then?  We will see…but for now…these will have to do! =)

After looking through pictures to use in the transformation collage, I realized that I didn’t have any pictures of myself (without a kid hiding most of me) from about August through October.  That says something about how I felt about myself…don’t you think!  But I did manage to find a few that show a couple things.
The smaller pictures show that:
~ my face is rounder
~ there’s pretty much “more to love” on every part of my body (especially the bottom half!)
~ my chin is seeing double
~ my stomach is just hangin out

The bigger pictures is only from a couple days ago so it is very recent!


Thank you everyone for your continued support and I hope to keep up my journey to better health!!!

~ Jess Elaine

PS: Here’s the ab challenge for anyone who is interested.  I found it floating around Facebook and Pinterest.