Recipe Review: October 28 – November 2

As I stated in my last post, I am trying hard to plan our meals more in advance so that we don’t find ourselves without something to eat and having to resort to eating out.  Last week was my first test and I must say that I’m pretty darn proud of myself!  Let’s start from the beginning shall we?

Monday: I found this link on Pinterest for “The World’s Best Chicken.”  And since I love chicken, I couldn’t resist!  This recipe was so easy and also so delicious!!!!  My husband kept talking about how good it was and there was nothing left when we were done.  I modified it a little because there’s only two of us.  I only use 3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (which did equal a pound) and I didn’t have any rosemary so that was cut out.  I baked it for about 45 minutes and I think I am going to do it closer to 40 next time.  I served it with steamed frozen peas and dinner rolls.  Fantastic meal!

Tuesday: It was supposed to be “slightly” warmer, so we made some hamburger patties and fired up the grill.  If you’re every worried about not being able to plan or cook, grilling hamburgers might be the easiest thing to fix.  I just threw a bunch of spices in with the meat (Lawry’s, garlic powder, salt, pepper, chili powder).  We also butter the hamburger buns and toast them on the grill as well.  So good and easy!

Wednesday: I knew we were going to be busy this day because it was Halloween.  Every year, my husband’s company lets all the children come up to the building and trick or treat around the office.  We were also supposed to stop by my husband’s grandparents house on the way home.  Because I knew we’d be home late, I decided to put something in the crockpot.  Best decision ever!!!!  For some reason the traffic was horrible that night and we didn’t get home until 7 pm.  But it didn’t matter because dinner was warm and ready to go!  That, fellow domestically challenged friends, is why I’m trying to plan ahead!  So I can be prepared!  What did I have cooking?  Check out this easy recipe for “Crockpot Chicken Enchilada Soup.”  Now, I was awesome and forgot enchilada sauce at the store, so I used some taco seasoning I had in the pantry and it turned out great!!!!  Highly recommended.

Thursday: I was able to go out this night with some of my amazing girlfriends, so I had a frozen pizza all cooked and ready to go for the hubby before I left.

Friday: We usually meet with our church small group on these nights, so it’s easiest to grab something on the way there and eat.  Not the best plan, but we’re working on it! =)

All in all, I would chalk up last week to a success.  I have already planned this week and have gone shopping for the necessary items.  It’s costing us a little more in the beginning because I’m having to build up my staples.  But I think it’s going to help us spend less on “food” then we normally do in a month.  I hope this has helped some of you see that if I can do it…so can you!!!!

Until next week…
~ Jess Elaine


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