Hello old friend!

Time and time again, things have come in and out of my mind and I think…I should write about this.  But do you think I do?  Of course not!  But I’m determined to at least update once a month.  Of course there will be several postings to get us updated.  So…here goes!

Our little munchkin turned 13 months old!!!  She is such a bundle of energy and joy!  It’s getting harder and harder to capture her in pictures because she’s moving so fast!

March Madness ensued onto the Smith house!  Our hometown team, Vanderbilt, had made it into the tournament!  So of course we had to dress to cheer them on!!! (even if they did lose in the first round 😦 )

March ended with a HUGE family event…my brother’s wedding!!!  We flew out to Nebraska for the nuptials.  My brother is in the United States Navy and I’m super proud of him!!!!! 

Aren’t they so cute?!?!?!

 Our angel was the flower girl and she actually walked down the aisle!!!  We also had fun hanging out with my family.  We hung out at my parent’s house most days, but we did get out to my grandparent’s hotel to swim a little bit!  It was a great time had by all!


2 thoughts on “Hello old friend!

  1. Hi Sweetie..so happy to see you on “Domestically Challenged” again..love to read about your life because you are too far away to drop in for coffee…love you muchly…….

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