Omi and Ogo

Every time the first grandbaby is on the way, the future grandparents decide what they are going to be called.  So starts a series of conversations on which ones are “too old sounding” or “not me.”  This is what my parents did during my sister’s first pregnancy.  My dad starting  joking around about how the baby should call him “Oh Great One.”  Now if you know my dad, this does not come as a surprise! =)  My sister and I jokingly said, “Oh, and they can call you Ogo for short?”  May I remind you that we said that JOKINGLY!  But he wrote back saying he loved it!!!!!  My sister and I were shocked!  How can we expect our children to call him that?!?!?!  Then my mom joined in saying she needed something cool too.  We talked and talked about what could possibly go with Ogo…then she found it.  My mom is German so as she was looking up names; she found what she was looking for…Omi.  Omi is German for “Grandma” so it work out great!  So now, we have Omi and Ogo and we love them!!!!

Unfortunately, Omi and Ogo live in Nebraska so they don’t get to visit us as much as we all would like so the time we do get to spend together is very very precious.  Omi was able to visit when Camille was two weeks old and it was love at first sight.  Ogo and Omi came out for a week this past summer to spend some more time with us…well mainly Camille =)  We were able to see them this past Thanksgiving and will be able to see them for my brother’s wedding this March. 

This past week, Ogo came to visit!  He works for York College in York, Nebraska.  He travels all over talking with alumni about what’s going on at York. There were some alumni here in our city and he got to come out here to visit with them.  The choir was also performing close to us, so he was able to see them as well.  He was able to stay a couple of nights and spent some time with Camille.  We were lucky to catch a bit of it on tape…


 If you can’t see the video, please try


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