Hat Rack

 In my life, I wear many hats: wife, mommy, friend, daughter, sister, etc.  I love each and every hat that I wear, but sometimes I think I forgot the most important hat: myself.  This realization came to me this past week as my husband and I were talking about goals for our lives.  I’ve already expressed one of my goals…becoming a better housewife.  But that’s not all that I am.  I not just a housewife and I think that this can be lost in the everyday things that take up my life.  My husband (being the supportive person he is) encouraged me to do a few things for myself.  It was scary at first.  Why?  I don’t know…it’s almost like when you become a mom, you think it’s selfish to do anything for yourself.  But that’s not right!  I know that if I DON’T do anything for myself…my family will suffer.  Therefore, I have come up with a “life word” which is a word I feel best describes where I am at this point in my life: perseverance.

The definition of perseverance:
1. steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., esp. in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.
2. Theology . continuance in a state of grace to the end, leading to eternal salvation.

After reading the definition, I knew this was my word.  The first definition goes along with all the physical goals I have established.  Some of which are becoming a better housewife, losing baby weight, eating healthier, keeping up with my blog.  I have already started working towards these goals.  One huge step I took tonight.  I went to the gym and worked out for the first time in over a year.  Was it hard?  Heck yes!  But I know that if I persevere, I will lose the weight I want and will ultimately be happier with myself.  There are steps that I’m taking to make sure the other areas of my life make me just as happy.

Just reading the second definition is something that just makes me happy.  Knowing that perseverance in God will lead me towards salvation, how can you not smile? 🙂

With all of this, I am so blessed to have the unending support of my husband.  Having a support system is so important.  Without his constant encouragement, I don’t know if my goals would ever be spoken or even worked on.


5 thoughts on “Hat Rack

  1. After 4 years I still find it hard to do things just for me. I know how you feel. As the saying goes, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”. Sorry for the poor grammar. Hang in there. I have a good friend that gets Saturdays off from all childcare. They call it Dad-erday.

  2. Dear Granddaughter….the most wonderful thing you have going for you as far as feeling good about yourself is your husband Tim. He is so attentive and caring. I have not had that in my married life..I know that your Grandpa loves me but he is of a different generation so I have to take care of things about me, myself. You keep up the good thots and your workouts and lose that baby fat before it gets to be where you are 74 years old and not feeling good about yourself….self esteem…a wonderful word….you go for it my dear!! love you so much…..

  3. You are so right-mom’s don’t always take time for themselves. I think, actually, that some dad’s don’t either. Finding a way for both of you to get some much-needed “me” time will make for a happy family and Camille will learn some valuable lessons from her parents.

  4. You are so awesome!! Keep on taking time for yourself. Baby girl is going to be just fine with Daddy while you’re gone for a few hours. The more time you take for yourself, the more you can appreciate coming home to your family. Besides that, you’ll feel so much better about yourself when you come home from the gym (or getting a pedi!!). You’re gonna be one hot momma at the wedding in March. Keep on doing what makes you feel good about yourself. Us momma’s need a break every now and then, too!!

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