Laundry and pre-pregnancy clothes

I pretty much got sick of the pile of clothes that had been mocking me for a while so I plopped my fourth month old in her Baby Einstein and got to work.  I got everything separated and finished two loads of laundry (which was all I could get done because my daughter decided she was done playing by herself).  Now, although I did two loads, I think our bedroom might look like more of a disaster area now then it already did.  Hmmm…I’ll have to fix that…eventually…  But in the meantime, I’m celebrating the fact that I was slightly domestic today…doing laundry and all.   Maybe next time I’ll attempt it in a dress, high heels, and pearls…  🙂

Now, while going through all these clothes that had taken over my bedroom, I found some clothes that I had pretty much forgotten I had.  No, seriously, I’d forgotten about like half the things that were in this mountain of clothes.  I found a few things that needed to be donated and a few that well…made their way into the garbage can.  But I did happen to find several of my favorite pre-pregnancy pants and tops which was super exciting!  I got them all washed and attempted to try them on.  Now, this whole trying on process took me a while because I wasn’t sure I’d lost enough baby weight.  Part of the reason I had even forgotten I had these items was because I haven’t been able to fit into them in about a year!  So, after taking a deep breath, I started in.  And to my surprise…success!!!!  I fit into one of the pairs of pre-pregnancy jeans!  It was like a little piece of heaven.  I think I might have even heard a few angels sing.  For those of you that have been pregnant, you understand the importance and significance of fitting into these clothes.  It made my night!

While being domestic, I happened to find a way to boost my self-esteem and confidence in the process.  Sigh…good day…


8 thoughts on “Laundry and pre-pregnancy clothes

  1. Hi Sweetie!! I KNOW that pile of clothes!!! good for you! just a few more days and you will be thru the whole bunch and will have found many more outfits you can wear! I bet little Camille did just fine with her baby Einstein…what a little smartie!! and now even more you both..hugs…

  2. YAAAAAAAAY!! I’m not sure I ever got back into my pre-pregnancy stuff!! I maybe squeezed into some of them, creating some fantastic muffin top!! I’m super proud of you!!

  3. Good job, Jess! What a nice place to be in at this point! The pictures of Camille are absolutely precious! I love looking at them when you post them!

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