Laundry and pre-pregnancy clothes

I pretty much got sick of the pile of clothes that had been mocking me for a while so I plopped my fourth month old in her Baby Einstein and got to work.  I got everything separated and finished two loads of laundry (which was all I could get done because my daughter decided she was done playing by herself).  Now, although I did two loads, I think our bedroom might look like more of a disaster area now then it already did.  Hmmm…I’ll have to fix that…eventually…  But in the meantime, I’m celebrating the fact that I was slightly domestic today…doing laundry and all.   Maybe next time I’ll attempt it in a dress, high heels, and pearls…  🙂

Now, while going through all these clothes that had taken over my bedroom, I found some clothes that I had pretty much forgotten I had.  No, seriously, I’d forgotten about like half the things that were in this mountain of clothes.  I found a few things that needed to be donated and a few that well…made their way into the garbage can.  But I did happen to find several of my favorite pre-pregnancy pants and tops which was super exciting!  I got them all washed and attempted to try them on.  Now, this whole trying on process took me a while because I wasn’t sure I’d lost enough baby weight.  Part of the reason I had even forgotten I had these items was because I haven’t been able to fit into them in about a year!  So, after taking a deep breath, I started in.  And to my surprise…success!!!!  I fit into one of the pairs of pre-pregnancy jeans!  It was like a little piece of heaven.  I think I might have even heard a few angels sing.  For those of you that have been pregnant, you understand the importance and significance of fitting into these clothes.  It made my night!

While being domestic, I happened to find a way to boost my self-esteem and confidence in the process.  Sigh…good day…


Anniversary Brinner

My husband and I celebrated three years on June 16th.  This is actually the first year we’ve been together on our actual anniversary.  The past two years, I’ve been traveling.  This year, we traveled to Chattanooga, TN for a weekend.  We went to Rock City (which was awesome!) and ate at a neat little restaurant called Tony’s Pasta Shop and Trattoria.


So for our actual anniversary, we invited my best friend and her family over for dinner.  I was in the mood for breakfast food, so I decided to make brinner (breakfast for dinner!).  I used regular Bisquick for the pancakes, but added a few things.  This was my way of experimenting 🙂  I added some sugar and vanilla to the batter before I mixed it all together.  This actually made the pancakes almost have a “melt in your mouth” taste…delicious!  Next I added chocolate chips (of course), but I also added some peanut butter chips I found in my pantry.  Needless to say, they were a hit!!!  Everyone loved them!  I also scrambled up some eggs to add to the meal.

Since it was our anniversary, I decided to dress the table up a bit.  I used wine glasses, our nice platters, and some candles.  We even used some wedding napkins we had left over from our wedding.  I thought it looked great!  This was a small step towards gaining more confidence around my household!

Starting Small

For me, the key to becoming domestic is to start small.  In order for me to want to continue my quest, I have to celebrate the small things.  I’m still not going to magically wake up on morning and decide I’m going to clean the whole house.  Please!  I have to relish in the small accomplishments.  To many of you, my accomplishments will seem ridiculous.  But to me, accomplishing these things is a big deal.

Part of being domestically challenged means that I don’t want to cook, clean, do laundry, etc. I think part of my problem is laziness and that’s going to be the hardest hurdle to jump over.  I think the other problem I have is confidence.  Confidence that I can do these things and I can be a good housewife.  By celebrating my small victories, I believe I can gain the confidence I need to continue my journey. 

Here’s the first way I’m starting small.  I’ve invited my best friend and her family over once a week for dinner.  I’m going to cook something new every week (pretty much they’ve agreed to be my guinea pigs).  They have agreed to be honest about the meal and offer up any suggestions that might make the meal better.  Of course, if the meal turns out horrible, I’m going to have a frozen pizza in the freezer just in case!

I’ll blog about these meals and let you know if they turn out good…or bad!

Debunking the myth: Once you get married, you become Betty Crocker

Once you get married, you’ll become a regular Betty Crocker.  That’s what I thought.  I mean…I bought every cookbook I could find! 

Who cared if I didn’t cook or clean before I got married?!?!?  Once my husband and I tied the knot, I would magically become domestic.  I thought I’d cook and clean, do the laundry, take care of my husband.  Wasn’t that was a good wife was supposed to do?  Your husband gets home.  You’re in an apron putting the finishing touches on dinner.  The table is set.  He comes home from a long day of work just ready to put his feet up and eat.  And afterwards you clean up after him (and the kids) while everyone else rests.


What is this?  The 1950s?  My grandma tells a story about when she went into labor with my mom.  She was on the floor scrubbing her baseboards!!!!  Why?  Because her mom was coming into town. And she knew that she needed to clean them before her mom could chastise her for not cleaning better.  Isn’t that ridiculous?!?!  Nine months pregnant…on the floor…scrubbing baseboards!  Every time she tells me this story, I ask myself why.  Why did my grandma think the baseboards were so important?  Because that’s what her generation was brought up thinking.  That a clean house was a must.  There were no exceptions.

Now my mom’s generation… the 60s and 70s.  This was a time of peace, love, and happiness.  Women didn’t feel they had to conform to the mold of a Betty Crocker.  They felt they were more than that.  More women were working outside of the home.  My mom cleaned the house, did the laundry, made dinners.  But she wasn’t religious about it.  She didn’t scrub the floors every day.  I sometimes remember “family cleaning days.”  But those were few and far between.  My room was never fully clean.  If I was supposed to clean it, most of the things found their way under my bed and that was usually good enough for the time being.

With our children today, are we teaching them the responsibilties they’ll need to know by the time they’re adult age?  That’s what I had to ask myself and I answered no.  This is the main reason for my change of attititude.  How can I teach my daughter how to take care of a home when I don’t show her?

By doing everything for our children, we teach them nothing.

Domestically Challenged

Cooking AND Cleaning AND Childcare?  Oh my!

My name is Jessica.  I’m a wife and a mom.  I love my family.  I love my friends.  I love my life.

The problem?

I am domestically challenged!!!!  What does this mean?  Well, let’s just say cooking and cleaning are not my forte.  I never understood why these things were on the bottom of my “to-do” list until recently.  I’m the oldest of three and have the typical first-born mentality.  I struggle with perfection, wanting to do the right thing, and being embarrassed about failure.  I believe those things are/were keeping me from being the best wife and mom I can be.

So why the blog?

I’ve decided to take action!  After being called out by my mother (nicely of course!), I decided to start a journey on becoming a good housewife and I’m inviting you to be a part of my journey.  Maybe you’ve gone through something similar or maybe my adventures will just cause a giggle…either way…I hope you enjoy reading my journey on becoming domestic!